Karen McLaughlin

I am a midwife, pregnancy yoga teacher and mother to three children, two hospital births and a home birth, each bringing unique birth experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed attending pregnancy yoga classes during my pregnancies. As a busy working mum, I viewed this as precious time spent nurturing myself, my pregnancy, and my growing baby. I have been practising Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga regularly since 2011 and have found it hugely beneficial in terms of stress reduction, improving flexibility, gaining core strength and helping me to relieve long term sinus and lower back problems. Yoga has become an essential part of my life and helps me to nourish both my body and soul.

I attained a certificate in Nursing in 1987 from St.James’s Hospital, a HDip in Midwifery (UCD} in 2005, and a BA in Midwifery (TCD) in 2007.  I practised midwifery for 13 years in a busy maternity hospital and since January 2017 I have been working in primary care. In my professional practice I have seen evidence of the beneficial aspects of yoga in women who attended pregnancy yoga classes. This, combined with my personal passion for yoga, midwifery, and empowering women to birth, all inspired me to become a teacher. I wished to balance my professional practice with meeting and caring for women outside the hospital environment. I attained a certificate in pregnancy yoga, and mum and baby yoga teacher training from the elbow room in May 2014.

I believe that attending pregnancy yoga gives women the tools to enable them to journey through their pregnancy and birth experience in a positive way. Building strength and stamina, improving posture awareness, exercising the pelvic floor muscles and use of different positions all help to prepare women physically for childbirth. Learning to use breathing and relaxation techniques provide mental preparation, reduce stress and increase production of endorphins and oxytocin, our natural supports for birth. These classes provide an opportunity to connect with yourself and your baby during this special time. They also introduce you to other pregnant women who can be a valuable source of information sharing and support.

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Žana McKenna

I discovered yoga in my first pregnancy in the 90´s. On my own, with a book. Just by practising cat posture regularly I eased my back pain to no pain at all. I had an amazing natural labour experience and later continued practising yoga in ˝Yoga in Daily Life“ ashram in Croatia and attended several training seminars with Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, the founder of this worldwide organization.

In 2004, I met Sighle McDonnell a senior yoga teacher in Dalkey Yoga Studio in Dublin. Under her safe guidance I continued practice in contemporary yoga style and was inspired to immerse deeper and become a yoga teacher. I trained and qualified as a Yoga teacher with Elma Toland and Linda Southgate, two amazing senior tutors of Yoga Therapy Ireland . During my teacher training years I also studied in Iyengar yoga style with Miriam Brady.  In recent years I am furthering my yoga studies with teachers such as Donna Farhi, Phillip Xerri, Hanne Gillespie of Vini yoga in Dublin, Sandra Sabatini of Scaravelli yoga in Italy, Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton of Sadhana Mala in UK, Bonnie Bainbridge of BMC in US and Amy Matthews of Embodied Asana in US. Over years I also received tuition in Somatic Movement with Brian ingle, Lisa and Martha Peterson.

I have BA degree in Oriental studies and my love for languages brought me to Ruthger Kortenhorst with whom I study Sanskrit in the School of Philosophy and Economic Science in Dublin. My latest professional training addition is diploma in one year Postgraduate program with Yoga Therapy Ireland and a 500 hour Art of Individual Teaching and Yoga Therapy Programme with Sadhana Mala in UK.

I continue to benefit greatly from my practices of Yoga and meditation and am delighted to share both the benefits and continued learning with others.

I teach both groups and individual sessions in Dalkey and Glenageary area, as well as in Croatia.  I call my approach Kind  Yoga, a style that ensures individual, safe, kind, light and joyful approach.

I am also a qualified Avatar Master and I run Avatar self-development workshops and courses in Ireland and abroad. Info with Žana or www.avatarepc.com

Contact Žana (pronounce Ž as Je in French) :-)

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Karen Hall

How Mindfulness changed my life (& perhaps may change yours).

I have a nursing background and unfortunately injured my back in the 1st year of my training, this became a chronic painful condition (occupational hazard so it got worse as I accumulated more injuries over the next 25 years) which I still have today. I have never had surgery but, as an operating theatre nurse, had witnessed enough surgical interventions to be certain that orthodox medical treatments were not for me. Eventually, having tried everything else, I signed up for a 10 week mindfulness course, 1-2-1 with an amazing teacher and, by the end of this course, my back pain of 20 years was gone. So, cured…. I fell out of the habit of doing my daily meditations and mindful movement and went back to living my life as I had before. Not wise but a lesson all the same. A few years later, I was made redundant which was quite a stressful experience, so I did another course, this time Mindfulness for Stress and, not only could I manage my stress much more effectively, but my back pain disappeared. This was a bit of a ‘moment’ for me as I realised, finally, how stressed I was and the link between my back pain & my stress levels. Over the next few years I trained & qualified as a mindfulness teacher with the Breathworks CIC in the UK.

Since then I have taught over 100 mindfulness courses, trained mindfulness teachers in the Breathworks teacher training program in the UK, Ireland and Australia, I have led retreats, spoken at International conferences, supervised mindfulness teachers and continue to hone my skills as a mindfulness teacher.
Will that happen to you if you learn to practice mindfulness? Will your life change and/or improve? In my experience, the majority of people who complete one of my courses state that it has changed their life for the better. Each one has a unique story to tell and each one has seen different results in their own life – whether that be with their health, fitness, well-being, job satisfaction, improved close relationships, less pain, reduced requirement for analgesia, rippling out into the world as they get their lives back (not everyone but for those who felt their lives were over, this changed dramatically).

I have taught in schools to staff & students, I have taught in hospitals and care homes, I have presented workshops to charities for cancer, chronic pain, endometriosis, tinnitus, HIV and others. I specialize in delivering Mindfulness training to Healthcare/nursing staff (and have recently completed my 19th & 20th courses for healthcare workers in the West Midlands). All of the participants have reported an improvement – even if that comes from a change in perspective that allows them to be more self-compassionate or accepting – and this, for many is the beginning of another level of change in their lives.

I teach mindfulness using a variety of formats, most frequently as an 8 week course, we meet for 2-3 hours per week and learn how the use of formal & informal mindfulness practices can be introduced into your life. I also run weekly meditation sessions and bespoke workshops to suit my various clients. If you explore this page and my website, you’ll access some free meditations, some useful links to presentations and research about the benefits of mindfulness.

I have CPD with Breathworks as well as having trained with the Mindfulness in Schools project to run the .b program (for secondary school students) and its Foundations course, plus Positive Neuroplasticity training with Rick Hanson, Compassion Focused Training & Depression with Prof Paul Gilbert and I completed a Mental Health First Aid course in St. John of Gods, Dublin in Dec 2017. I practice according to the Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers.
I invite you to get in touch and begin your journey, or your organisations mindfulness journey today. There’s no time like the present. Literally.

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Christine Gorman

I have been practicing yoga over the past 15 years. I have practiced various styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. I have attended workshops with many inspirational teachers over the years and I also learn from the amazing people who attend my classes.

I am also trained as a Shiatsu therapist and HypnoBirthing instructor.
Yoga is time for me to chill out, listen to my intuition, being kind and compassionate to myself and others. Yoga allows me to take better care of my body and live in the present moment.
Yoga has been a vital tool for me in balancing my career and my personal life and I am passionate about sharing and teaching yoga to others as we are all on our own unique path in life.

“ Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are.“
Adam Kirk Smith

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Orla Hyland

My first experience in yoga was Hatha with Moon Mná’s Karen Ward in 1992. I loved the gentle and 
repetitive movements. I moved on to Ashtanga practice looking for something more vigorous. From
Ashtanga I moved to Tai Chi learning from Charlie Thackaberry and from Jan Golden for 10 years. I
reengaged with yoga classes when I was pregnant in 2006. My yoga practice has grown and
expanded since.
I trained as a teacher in 2013 in the Yoga Rooms and completed my advanced teacher training at the
Elbowrooms this year. I’ve also trained in Na’ada yoga – the yoga of sound and mantra in India and
in the US with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar. Apart from my class in Santosha on Thursday evenings at
6.30pm I teach in HSE psychiatric units with some very good outcomes, patients really look forward
to their yoga sessions too. I also teach in schools and colleges through the medium of Irish which is
inspiring and fun. From Easter to Halloween I teach an outdoor class in Dun Laoghaire.
The grounding fluidity of Tai chi and Chi gung informs my practice and my teaching. Na’ada yoga
practice returns us to the simple healing the breath can offer. My interest in Irish language and Irish
culture connects the ancient Irish seasonal practices with my yoga, as does my love of nature. This
year I am expanding my knowledge exploring the Celtic wheel with Mari Kennedy and Shadow Yoga
with Veronica Larsson.

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