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Pregnancy Yoga – Karen MacLaughlin

Pregnancy Yoga – Karen MacLaughlin

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for women from the second trimester. It will help you to enjoy this special time being with your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga prepares women physically for pregnancy and childbirth by building strength and stamina, improving posture awareness, exercising the pelvic floor muscles, and learning the benefits of using different positions.  Gaining knowledge in the use of breathing and relaxation techniques provide mental preparation, reducing fear and stress, while increasing production of endorphins and oxytocin, our natural valuable supports to birth.

Pregnancy Yoga gives you the benefits of raising energy levels, increasing flexibility and strength, improved circulation and breathing. It will also help to relieve common ailments during pregnancy such as: heartburn, swollen joints or restless sleep. Yoga classes help you to prepare for a confident birth.

As a mother of three, and a midwife, I believe that attending pregnancy yoga classes gives women the tools to enable them to journey through their pregnancy and birth experience in a positive way. These classes provide you with an opportunity to connect with yourself and your baby during this special time in your life.  They also introduce you to other pregnant women who can be a source of information sharing and support.  No yoga experience necessary.


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