Santosha Yoga Studio offers variety of Yoga classes in Dalkey, Co.Dublin:

  • Hatha Yoga – beginners and mixed abilities
  • Kind Yoga
  • Individual sessions – Yoga Therapy
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Pregnancy  Yoga
  • Mum and Baby Yoga class
  • Active Birth Workshop
  • Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation
  • Dance Meditation
  • Sound and Chant


Kind Yoga – Žana McKenna

Žana’s classes have derived from her Yoga Therapy training, focusing on using tools of yoga to complement medical treatment, to incourage self-healing as well as to maintain good health  and  live life we were given joyfully.

The class starts with centering the mind in our body and senses, conscious breathing, followed by posture work in full range of movements, meditation and deep relaxation at the end.  Every practitioner is practising in the rhythm of their own breath. The postures are mostly dynamic i.e. practised with flow of the breath.

Whether one experiences chronic stress, back pain, misalignment, low energy levels or anxiety, mindful breath and movement clear the path for healing.

This class is also suitable for all of those who feel healthy but have need to maintain the good health or develop a greater self-knowledge and understanding.

Kind Yoga because it is the kindness to our body that brings us to kindness in our relations and actions.

These classes are suitable to both women and men of mixed abilities.  Both modifications  and respect of individual needs are offered. My wish is to share with you this gradual discovery of the wisdom of the body,  openness of the heart and clarity of the mind,  towards “enlightened” everyday living.

Individual sessions and programs – Yoga therapy                                                                                                                 


Individual tuition is designed to meet your needs, abilities, interest and lifestyle. This was how Yoga was traditionally taught.

Initial telephone consultation to clarify your needs and interests is free and lasts about 20 minutes. At your first session, asking you to do some simple movements, I will asses how your body moves and design a practice that you can use on a daily base at home. Typically it will include a number of yoga exercises (asana) and some breathing exercises (pranayama). It may include elements of relaxation and meditation depending on your interest.

The prescribed practice will be written for you using simple “stick-man” diagrams. Typically it will be practice between 15 and 45 minutes but this can vary. It is better to do something manageable regularly than something that is struggle to fit into your routine.

Having your personal 15-20 min practice done 3-4 times a week may bring great benefits to your overall well being.

On subsequent meetings I will answer your questions and work to develop the practice; sometimes I may just check your practice, other times I may change it significantly.

If you think this might be a good way to keep your yoga practice or simply a way to explore Yoga in a different way please get back to me and we will start when you are ready.

This tuition is for anyone. So you can be absolute beginner in Yoga or a regular  yoga practitioner. It is suitable for anyone who cannot commit to a weekly group class or if you have a specific problem such as chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, breathing problems etc. Individual tuition is also for yoga students who would like to develop their practice with a guidance and support.

Cost and duration: First session Euro 70 lasts up to 1 and half hour, subsequent sessions Euro 60 lasts up to 1 hour.


A visit to Zana’s class in Santosha Studio always leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for anything life has to throw at me.

Ger Walsh

 ” I have enjoyed Zana’s classes enormously. She generates a lovely atmosphere in the room and provides great detailed instruction on each posture. I walked away from every class feeling the benefit. I would highly recommend Zana as a sensitive, intelligent and happy yoga teacher. “

Geraldine Bracken, Director KBA Enterprises Ltd.

During the week, it was so nice to know that there was a window of 90 minutes in which I stepped into that took me away from the chaos of everyday life….To have that opportunity was so good…Your class itself was interesting as it balanced the physical aspect of yoga ( of which I never had experienced before ) with the spiritual side of meditation….  It had a very calming effect for me…  It was evident that you had a great knowledge of those subjects you shared with the class.Yes, you brought to the class a sense of peace, wisdom and cariness – in this world , that is hard to find…

So I want to say thank you… “S.D.

Teacher: Žana McKenna / Email / Tel. 087 948 1548

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Vinyasa Yoga flow – Christine Gorman

Christine teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. The class begins in a seated or reclined breathing
practice. You will be guided through warmup movements, strengthening poses, stretches, balances,
forward folds, twists, inversions and calming relaxing poses to complete the class.
There are flowing sequences aimed at building your strength and flexibility that are good for your
cardio, calming and maintaining focus.
The practice gives you an opportunity to tune into your body which allows you to destress your body
and mind leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energised.
Beginners are welcome.

Teacher: Christine Gorman / Email/ Tel. 086 854 4917
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Hatha Yoga – A mindful Approach – Trish Haugh

The beginners class  focuses on introducing the elements of Yoga and on
teaching participants to work with their body in a safe and enjoyable way.

I invite students to become aware of their own body – its potential and limitations – without comparison to others and thereby to discover balance and freedom.

Teacher: Trish Haugh / Email/ Tel. 087 115 3876
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Pregnancy Yoga – Karen MacLaughlin

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for women from the second trimester. It will help you to enjoy this special time being with your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga prepares women physically for pregnancy and childbirth by building strength and stamina, improving posture awareness, exercising the pelvic floor muscles, and learning the benefits of using different positions.  Gaining knowledge in the use of breathing and relaxation techniques provide mental preparation, reducing fear and stress, while increasing production of endorphins and oxytocin, our natural valuable supports to birth.

Pregnancy Yoga gives you the benefits of raising energy levels, increasing flexibility and strength, improved circulation and breathing. It will also help to relieve common ailments during pregnancy such as: heartburn, swollen joints or restless sleep. Yoga classes help you to prepare for a confident birth.

As a mother of three, and a midwife, I believe that attending pregnancy yoga classes gives women the tools to enable them to journey through their pregnancy and birth experience in a positive way. These classes provide you with an opportunity to connect with yourself and your baby during this special time in your life.  They also introduce you to other pregnant women who can be a source of information sharing and support.  No yoga experience necessary.

Teacher: Karen MacLaughlin  / Email / Tel. 086 221 2474

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Mum and Baby Yoga – Karen MacLaughlin

A gentle, relaxed class where you have the opportunity to meet other mothers for information sharing, support and smiles. Benefits of yoga for mums include relaxation, improving abdominal and pelvic tone, posture and breath awareness.

Baby yoga promotes your baby’s body awareness, coordination and neurological development. Babies may decide to sleep, cry, feed or join in! Bring a blanket and toy for your baby. These classes provide you with an opportunity to connect with yourself and your baby during this precious time in your life. You can start mum and baby yoga after your 6 week postnatal check if your baby was born vaginally and 10 weeks postnatal if your baby was born by Caesarean section. Babies welcome until crawling at speed! No yoga experience necessary.

Wednesday mornings 11.30-12.30 in Santosha yoga studio, Dalkey Main Street. Class is upstairs with limited hall space so please fold buggies to ensure exits remain clear. Drop in class 15 Euro, 6 classes 75 euro.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Teacher: Karen MacLaughlin  / Email / Tel. 086 221 2474

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Active Birth Workshop – Karen MacLaughlin

This course aims to give you and your partner the knowledge to empower you both to support actively birthing.

Learn about the anatomy, physiology and hormones of labour. Prepare for labour gaining experience of tools to support you through the process. Gaining information on the use of different postures to widen the pelvic diameter, promoting optimal fetal positioning, pain relief options and perineal care will all be beneficial. When to transfer in to hospital, early days parenting tips and breastfeeding information included. A booklet with all of the workshop content is provided to support and enhance learning. Knowledge is power.

Available on request, Saturday or Sunday usually 2 -6pm.

90 euro/ couple.

Teacher: Karen MacLaughlin  / Email / Tel. 086 221 2474

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Hatha Flow Yoga – Orla Hyland

Orla teaches an enjoyable Hatha and flowing yoga class suitable for all. Emphasis is placed on learning to build strength and flexibility gradually over time. While developing movement and posture with the breath to allow greater levels of health and relaxation. It’s a vigorous class. As the class is small there is space for some therapeutic focus.

Her classes are always at the heart of making the practice welcoming, accessible and enjoyable for all.

Teacher: Orla Hyland / Email/ Tel. 087 210 9842

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Mindfulness Meditation – Karen Hall

Mindfulness meditation helps people find balance by bringing clear awareness to the present moment experience of being and breathing.

When practiced regularly, mindfulness melts away difficult thoughts and feelings, leaving behind a natural ease and well-being.

Karen facilitates mindfulness meditation session for all of us who feel stressed, or with restless mind, or tension in the body.

Classes are open to all; no experience of meditation required.

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”
― Jon Kabat-Zinn

Teacher: Karen Hall / Email/ Tel. 083 864 6472

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Chanting / Exploring sound – Eleanor Dawson

Everybody has a voice! Sound has great potential for harnessing and releasing energy. In these workshops we’ll use the traditional framework of yoga postures and seated chant as a basis for exploring the energetic potential of sound and movement in a creative and imaginative way, bringing in some freer, more improvisatory work, exploring resonance and making connections with sound and colour. All welcome – no previous experience with either sound or yoga necessary!


Teacher: Eleanor Dawson/Email
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