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About SantoshaAbout Santosha

About Santosha

Welcome to Santosha Yoga Studio to explore and experience the benefits of yoga, meditation and healing.

Our purpose is to provide peaceful, creative and supportive space for all to feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually. Santosha Yoga Studio teachers and practitioners are qualified, insured and experienced in their fields and they offer a variety of classes in yoga, meditation and healing.  We provide means for people of any age or fitness level to develop mobility, flexibility, strength, confidence and contentment.  The common thread is a commitment to impart to each student our love for yoga, our knowledge and expertise, to improve quality of life.  In this oasis in the heart of Dalkey you will receive individual attention in a small group (max 8 ).

The tools are conscious breathing, posture work, use of sound, relaxation and meditation.

We cultivate a kind, safe and joyful approach to yoga practice.


Santosha Yoga StudioSantosha Yoga Studio

Santosha Yoga Studio

Santosha Yoga Studio 23 Castle St. (Main St.) in Dalkey, Co.Dublin

Santosha Yoga studio is an intimate purpose built space for Yoga and creative healing.

You will receive here individual attention in a small group (max  8).

Address: 23 Castle St. (Main St.)   Dalkey  Co. Dublin

For information on any of our activities please email or telephone  087 948 1548

Old  Practice     New  Name

Since 2008 we were in these premises under the name Sighle Yoga The Studio. Sighle has moved to a new place and we got a new name, Santosha Yoga Studio.

Thank You

Most of us in Santosha Yoga Studio were inspired, guided and supported by Sighle McDonnell (www.sighleyoga.ie) a senior yoga practitioner in Dalkey. We thank her and all our teachers and students for their wisdom and presence in our life.